Hereford is number one in the world in beef production. Cattle feeding is our main industry and we boast of being the “Beef Capital of the World.” There are more than a million cattle fed within a 50 mile radius of Hereford. We lead the entire area in dairy production. We also are nestled in a large grain producing area where farming is abundant. These two empires create a world of agribusiness industry. Truckers, millwrights, chemical blending plants, beef processors, feed mills, grain elevators, sheet metal fabricating, pet food manufacturing, farm equipment sales, automobile sales, organic and natural food processing, crop spraying, lab analysis, irrigation equipment, material handling equipment, storage plant facilities, air conditioning services, filtering and processing facilities, tools and hardware, cotton handling facilities, veterinarians, animal nutritionists, bankers, lawyers, doctors, and realtors can all attest that success is directly tied to cattle and agriculture. 

"Why, shoot, We even have our own used cow dealer.”