County & City Government

Hereford has been the county seat of Deaf Smith County since 1898. The County offices, housed in the Deaf Smith County Court House, serve a population of approximately 19,000 county residents. The County Judge presides over a board of four County Commissioners who are elected to rotating four- year terms. The Commissioner’s Court meets every second and fourth Monday of the month to dispense county business. Each commissioner presides over a precinct and takes care of that precinct.
The County maintains a Sheriff’s Office consisting of an elected sheriff, Deputies, narcotics officers, a dispatcher, communications center operators, corrections officers, and reserve deputies.
All deputies are certified through the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education. The Sheriff’s Office administers the law to all areas of the county
Hereford has a council-manager form of government. The mayor and six councilmen are elected to rotating two-year terms. The professional City Manager is appointed by the Mayor and City Council (Commissioners). The day-to-day business operations and municipal administration is performed by the City Manager and supporting staff. The City Commissioners meet every first and third Monday of the month. 
The City maintains a Police Department with a Chief of Police, a Police Captain, a Patrol Division staffed with patrol officers, a Detective Division, and a Communications Division. All officers are certified through the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education. A general Dispatcher handles incoming calls and dispatches services such as EMS, ambulances, fire department, and police officers. The City maintains several community education programs concerning law enforcement and safety.
The City maintains one of the finest volunteer fire departments in Texas. Headed by a hired Fire Marshall, Hereford’s department responds to an average of 400 calls per year. Everything from fires to emergencies and accidents are addressed by the Fire Department. Firemen are required to achieve certification. Some training is available locally while the bulk of training is received at College Station at the Texas Fire Training School. Hereford’s firefighters have achieved an ISO rating of 4 – equal to that of most professional fire departments. 
  The City of Hereford works hand-in-hand with the County to help make Hereford a great place to live.