Deaf Smith County has always been known for its thriving agriculture industry. A variety of crops can be grown in the fertile soil of this area. Crops like corn, wheat, maize, vegetables, cotton, soybeans, onions, sunflowers, and even fruits are adaptable to the climate and growing seasons.
Crops are grown in dry-land and irrigated methods. Small grain crops are sold locally to supplement the cattle feeding industry while other crops are shipped and sold outside the area. Most of the crops are planted in the spring and harvested in the fall. Wheat, however, is harvested in the summer. The majority of farms are owned and operated by private individuals. Large grain elevators handle, store, and market crops for farmers. Hereford is fortunate to have the facilities and expertise to sustain such a large industry.
Sprinkler irrigation has just about saturated this area. Everywhere you look, you can see giant automatic sprinkler units that provide efficient management of water resources. They not only help the farmers manage their watering demands, but also help to conserve precious water sources.
There are many related industries that contribute to a successful farming industry. A pet food manufacturer, flour mill facility, feed mills, cotton gins, chemical blending plants, grain processing facilities, farm equipment dealerships, metal fabricating facilities, beef processing plants, certified seed companies, custom spray applicators, custom harvesting companies, trucking companies, insurance companies, and repair shops are all examples of business that is created by a strong agricultural economy.

A favorable climate, hard working people, and a great location help to make Hereford a “standout” in Texas agriculture.